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Was this made in a game engine or just code?


Just code. I used Python and Pygame. I also wrote the isometric code from the ground up during the jam.


I have downloaded both thing above and i cant seem to find a way to start the game. can anyone help me?

Unzip the compiled version and run "Whirling Blades.exe".

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I really enjoyed this little game. it has great replayability and I loved how good it was considering it was made in 48 hours. I'd like to see this made into a full game. 


I’m actually thinking about taking the core mechanics and adding something cool to it (a secret) but taking away the isometric part. I’m @DaFluffyPotato on twitter and you can follow me if you’re interested in a possible sequel.

It's amazing and interesting.


This game is awesome for a jam game.

Love the style!