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Wander through some underground ruins and avoid death...

Made in under 48 hours for the 11th Alakajam. The development streams can be found here.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Made withpygame
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, Pixel Art
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Wandering Soul Windows 75 MB
Wandering Soul Source 40 MB


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the quality ofthe game is great but the last level i crazy hard


Its amazing the kind of high quality games you can make with a "beginner" graphics framwork


Just completed it now. Wonderful game. I spent almost an hour trying to figure out the 5 stages for the boss

and can't you use a TTF file as a font instead of an image.

but sick font anyway..........yup.

becuase custom fonts r way cooler


nice story, not a fitting name, especially the Mana's.

but no compliment, 

excellent game.

level 3 is suuupperr hard

could you give me the download of your tile editor
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Best game made by pygame ever!

I hope one day I reach your level


Im finding it very hard to get past level 2 :(

It was great but the source code is spaghetti as hell


it was made in 48 hours, there's no time to write pretty code


Really great game well polished. One thing that would help though is if the character would stand out a bit more because sometimes well playing I can't see my character very well

This is a great game when it comes to the level design and the visuals but some very basic quality of life features are absent for example coyote time and coyote time is something that should be a first priority when writing a character controller

There actually is coyote time in this game. It's 4 frames.

got em


awesome game, lvl 2 was a bit confusing, overall its good.


Good job Fluff! It's really impressive how you can make your game looks so great with just Pygame!

Deleted post

did you just hide a trojan virus in there?!?!


No. The game was packaged using PyInstaller, which converts Python scripts to executables by including the entire Python interpreter in the executable. PyInstaller is frequently used to create viruses, so many antiviruses mistakenly mark the data from the Python interpreter in PyInstaller executables as a virus even though any application made with PyInstaller will package the Python interpreter.

TLDR: It's a false flag. You can always use the source code if you're worried about it.

oh thanks


Hi! Great game! Really hard to beat especially the last one. But I did it!


This game doesn't work on my...

if you download the source code and have python and pygame installed it will work

Can I know the resolution please, I have a small laptop and limited data plan and would not like to wasted data downloading if the resolution is more than 1024 x 600.

It’s 300x200 scaled up. Itch shows the filesize though 

Funnily the first downloadable game my laptop has been able to play. Just stopped by to tell you that your game is awesome and that I really had a good time with it

Could you try a game with raycasted light??

I can hear the sound, but I just have a white blank screen. Any idea of the possible reason?

Sounds odd... Are you attempting to run the source by any chance? It’s made in Pygame 2, so a lot of people will have issues with the source.

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Ok, it’s my pc that has some problems, I tried the same files on another one and it worked… sorry for the time waste. Great game, by the way, now that I’ve tried a little bit I’m just fascinated by your skill in making games. I can just imagine what if you could spend more time on a project.


AWESOME GAME - Plays smooth and lighting effects are amazing!!!



This is awesome :O

The game is perfect but very hard or i'm incompetent :( It is very inspiring how you can do such games with pygame. Keep up the great work!

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The game is awesome! But tell me how did you manage to do those black waves outline...



Ah yes !