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This game look like Whirling blade.


This game make me feel want to create a game with pygame, I am a python and pygame beginner.

I don't recommend Pygame if your a beginner in Python.

Really great game! You inspired me to create my very first game, and to choose PyGame for it. Also I've recently published my game here on Itch. Thank you!


this was fun

cool game


This is just a copy/paste from my comment on the ldjam page:

Beautiful game! I really like the art style, however, I do feel as though the presentation tends to impede on the gameplay at times. For example, the combination of the low-to-the-ground camera and animated tile “discovery” (referring to when tiles appear before you along an undiscovered path) tends to make navigation, especially around enemy encounters, very tedious. I found some of the earlier levels in particular hard to adjust to. I think moving the character with the mouse was an interesting choice excecated relatively well. I found it rather intuitive to control for the most part. The combat was fantastic. I really like how juicy all of the animations and art feel. Really impressive. Overall, fantastic game!


great graphics and feedback, quite satisfying to kill enemies and deflect bullets.

The controls really really put me off the game, I found it quite frustrating to try and navigate thin passages only for the camera to shift and send me flying off a corner, as well as trying to find my bearings again after falling, as the character is not visible when falling, resulting in me falling multiple times upon starting a level again


You can't move after you start (or restart) a level until after you land.


Sure, but you need to keep your mouse pointer somewhere!