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your profile pic looks sick, It's pretty dope.

Wow, people actually say that pygame is slow, but anyway, you make things go faaaasttt. I mean reeeeaaaally faaasstt( fast )

The fact he made it in 12 hours while i cant make a proper game in a week using unity is just mind bogling to me.

sadly doens't work with wine on linux

Just run the source. It's not hard to install the dependencies on Linux.

I managed to run it with Lutris

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i cant open it when i open it crashes

Are you running the executable or the source? Also, are you on a 32 or 64 bit computer?

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64 bit computer

and i run the executable

and antivirus on

if you run the executable from the command line, you can see the error, but I've never heard of this happening before

now its working 

liked it, it's so cool i like arcade games like that :).

i play minecraft


man i alway watch your youtube vedio. can you pleas make a tutorial about how to make that glow effects plzzzzz man 


I might. I've been wanting to do a series on VFX tricks I use.

thank you man it would be veryhelpfull

Awesome, as always! The graphics and animations never cease to amaze me. The inspiration from Beat Saber (and similar games) is clear but don't decrease the quality of the game, all in pygame once again!

my man