A downloadable game for Windows

Paint a lush forest into existence as you move. Explore the forest to improve your abilities and escape.

Hue Flowing was made with a scope similar to game jam games. There's a moderate sized map to explore, some simple puzzles, and a bit of parkour.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withpygame
Tags2D, Exploration, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour


Hue Flowing Windows 56 MB
Hue Flowing Source (Python 3.x, Pygame 2) 33 MB


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I think I found a glitch in the last puzzle (I guess) that makes me fall forever. Anyway, great game.

Great game !

Complete in 7minute and 27seconds. Noice.


Honestly, this is the best 2d platformer I have ever seen! The last jump-powerup thing is quite hard to get though but other than that this is great and I think more games should be produced like this. Maybe an isometric one...?


hey that's fun! and nice colors! Like a 2d unfinished swan! Nice pixel art!

once you get through the first "there's no where to go" stage, discovering everything else becomes so satisfying. really beautiful.


I beat the game!

you can make web versions with pygbag, unless the shaders cause some problems, at least the other free games can be.

I cant find the last power up :/

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found it

how do you get it?


Great game! Could you make a save system for this??


It should only take 20-30 minutes to beat, so I didn't think it would be necessary.

Ok thanks!

That's probably either a local issue or a Windows 11 issue considering nobody else has mentioned it yet. I can't reproduce it, but I just uploaded a patch that might fix the issue for you.

thanks for the help

when i trie to execute the game it dosen´t work 

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you should really expand the whole idea of this project.

add a story, enemies,allies and stuff.

you can even make it romantic like this is a samurai who's looking for his kidnapped gf or something or he fell in love with a monster which he's supposed to kill or something.

Or make it stupid like the way you get more jumps make it infinite. player get's infinite amounts of jumps gradually and the higher the player goes the wider is the space between panels.

suddenly he is in space and is jumping over plants wow lol


Played after seeing your post on HN. Beautiful game. Wish you all the best.

I didn’t post it there, but thanks for checking it out!

Just beautiful, and really enjoyed the jumping-collection mechanic.

this was the most beautiful game i have payed in a while, it was really breathtaking, but so so calming.

very very nice man.

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This game was very fun and it had a pleasant-pixelly-painterly aesthetic. I don't think the music entirely matched, but it still worked. 

As for the gameplay, I think the wall jumps are a little un-controllable (just a little), and the respawn mechanics aren't flawless either.

I didn't really time myself, but it took a good 25 minutes for me to figure it all out (thanks for the puzzle!).

Overall, I really liked it. 👍

The music is pleasant to hear.

Really fun and meditative game. Beautiful aesthetic and calming music. I played this platformer for about 15 minutes and thoroughly explored what seemed to be all of the level, but I definitely enjoyed it. There seems to be no win condition and there are a lot of vertical areas that seems like they should expand the map upward but you cannot go upwards. Those are my only critiques of the game. This game is very successful at immersion.

Completing the game is a bit of a puzzle. There is a way to win.

Yes, you have to be very big brain. Turns out, sometimes you can't always climb your mountains... you occasionally have to do it Hobbit style...

I'm clearly being very thick, as I can neither find a way through nor over.


Aaaaaaand figured it out.


Lezgooo pygame for the winnn