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You are froggg. Don't make froggg angry. Froggg explode! Lollipop make frogg happy.

Made with Python and Pygame in under 48 hours for the 50th Ludum Dare.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Made withpygame
Tags2D, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


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Explon't Windows 55 MB
Explon't Python Source 10 MB


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i's ok i figured out  now

how do i run this thing, i'm dumb!!

Nice colors

Whats Up, Fluffy, your games  are just perfect as always

Pygame, nice! 😏

yo Dafluffy potato  , on mac instead of player sprite some black square appears and there's like a lot of animation glitches.


It's not meant to run on Mac.


damn :/

ok now it worked. Why not .exe file? 

There is. It's just the other download (labeled "Explon't Windows").

Hey DaFluffyPotato, Great Game! Do you wanna try out mine?

this didn't work how do i download?

amazing work. I am gonna download this. Also i might learn something from the python code. 

So I'm on mac, and when I run the source code, there's some weird black spots and The sprite is just a black Square. nice game tho.

Not meant for Mac + SDL (graphics) issue (I'm not the dev)

Super Potato Froggg!


When he said "You are froggg" I really felt that


he really felt that

Hi, I am very impressed by your Python skills.

Where did you learn python and can you share any resourses (free or paid)?


What python's version you used to make this game



(1 edit) (+1)

I can´t believe you made this in two days! The three things I like about it the most are the art as a whole, how heavy froggg feels and how enemies´ bodies are thrown in the air when you fall close to them. Only thing that I would change is not going back to level 1 after losing in a more advanced level.

Edit: just realized the levels are randomly generated, nevermind the levels thing.


Froggg very good froggg. Great game, great quality for being made in such a short amount of time.


Peak 2d graphics


Lol Frog go munch