This update gets around Beat Saver's attempt to block bots. This may be a short-term fix. If rate limits are added (which I've been told temporarily existed for a week or so in December), I'll need to make a patch.

Beat Saver has been having issues with bots lately, so they're using cloudflare to attempt to block bots. The changes even affect the api, which is what I'm using (this may have been an accident). Due to the nature of the situation, it's very possible that Beat Saver updates again in the near future. This may result in the code breaking again. (Usually I fix within a week of hearing something is wrong.)

The pervious developer behind Beat Saver knew about this project and we coordinated a few things behind the scenes to keep things working smoothly, but with the new developer(s?), this has not been the case. I gave them a week for a response before I bypassed their anti-bot measures. They never responded, so now the update is here.


beat_saber_song_downloader.exe 7 MB
Jan 17, 2021
beat_saber_song_downloader.py 10 kB
Jan 17, 2021

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How to download? Button isn't showing up.


it's been disabled temporarily while I sort stuff out with the BeatSaver staff

Any progress with the beatsaver/jellyfish staff?


Not yet. Planning on sending them another message soon-ish.

I assume it didn't go well?

It changed ownership recently, but the old owners never unbanned the application. I might be able to get it sorted out with the new owners though.