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The forest (filled with suspicious quantities of ammunition) has been invaded by cellular automata! Use various weapons, abilities, and upgrades to purge the machines in the forest before the machines take over.

The machines in Yawnoc are based on Conway's Game of Life and other cellular automata. Will you carelessly attack the machines and die to a creature of your own making or destroy the machines with precision and restore peace to the forest?

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The download here on itch.io is the original version developed for a Blackthornprod collaboration (with minor compatibility fixes).

The jam version requires a 1080p or higher display (since I didn't have time for window scaling).

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Made withpygame
Tags2D, Retro, Roguelite, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes


Yawnoc Jam Version 45 MB

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Truley one of the best games you've created. I am also a pygame developer and I loved the way you use it. It's just amazing.

Have you thought about langton's ant?

bro what a cool game how did u make this in pygame?

Pffff addictive game, but annoyingly hard ... been playing quite some time now and haven't been able to get further than level 7 so far.

Ok, made it to level 11 now, maybe I should've played a bit smarter all along ;-)

Yeah, knowing when and what to attack makes a huge difference. 

will there be a version for macs

idk. I might use features that Macs don't support.

can you give the source code for linux users

The full game will have a Linux version.

Deleted 38 days ago

No, but the game will quite different by then. I plan on reworking the gameplay loop.

So, can you give a little effort to making the linux version for the jam version of the game please.

no, have you tried wine?

Love the game, great concept and great execution, but the game is bigger than my screen

Yep, the description says a 1080p display is required since I didn't have time for scaling in that version. The full game will be resizable.

Ok thanks 

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game crashes everytime when i start shooting at enemies and cant get it to fullscreen, its just small window.

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It's not supposed to be resizable in the jam version. I didn't have time to implement it.

The crash is probably fixed now. See:


And it still crashes.


Uploaded another version that might fix it. I have no way to emulate the issue and it's very rare, so I'm having to fix it blind.

Now it works :), and the game is awesome.

Thanks. The bug wouldn't have been fixed without your comments. lol

I cant run it...

I LOVED seeing this game's development in blackthorne's latest contest video, just love the idea of a shooter arcade combined with cellular automata-- would you ever consider releasing for macOS in the future?  I've already waitlisted it on steam but only have a mac and would love to buy/play the game in the future!!

It'll probably depend on the amount of wishlists on Mac. It's a pain to port to and doesn't support a lot of newer OpenGL features.

Can I ask how such a complex game with that many mechanics and stuff happening on screen, run this good on pygame? I mean yeah it isn't 60 fps but still, is it just really optimized or are you somehow using the gpu?

Pygame comes equipped with built-in support for hardware acceleration, making it a snap to harness the full might of the GPU. 

I didn't use the gpu at all for this one. I have a framework that's already fairly optimized, so I didn't really have to think about it.

I hope to start making games on Pygame like yours soon, what a fun game to play

Note: shotgun is very broken and that's why it's very good to play lol

I always thought Conway's game of life was a fascinating simulation. To add it into a game was a really really cool idea in concept, but the fact you made something that works it in so well and doesn't just make it feel like a gimmick is jaw-dropping to me. Awe-inspiring!

What a great game!


What are your plans for the next development of this game?

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Probably going to overhaul a lot of the gameplay loop to make it feel like a bigger game and add more content. I'd like to put in at least 5x the time I've already put in.


Then I'm looking forward to new gameplay.

If you need to make a Chinese version of the demo, you can contact me and I can help you translate the demo text into Chinese for free

Very very very cool idea, awesome presentation, one design problem i found is that if you know how the cellular automata works, you can infinitely farm enemies, for example when there is a 2x2 clump, you can eliminate one of the enemies, then wait for it to respawn and repeat this until you have all the money you need

Actually, I accounted for that by making difficulty partially increase based on time, which makes it a disadvantage to do that. I just didn't do the RoR-type difficulty meter to indicate that yet.

Ah I see, very smart, can't wait to see the finished game :D

The game crashes whenever I try to shoot a spaceship.

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That's an SDL bug I'll add a workaround to soon. I believe it's hardware specific.

Overall a very good game, i love the gameloop that just yearns for you to keep playing over and over. My only complaints are:

  • the lack of a tutorial, fullscreen option, or pause menu,
  • the fact difficulty kinda decends into chaos if rng decides to make an enemy that expands into a massive heap extremely difficult to take down (though i will admit, it is fun and rewarding to take down those massive enemy heaps).
    • (could probably fix this by slowing down the cycle speed the more enemies there are on screen)
  • if you have two of the same item in the shop, for some reason buying one sometimes make the other more expensive??? i never got that kinda philosophy, youre already losing money from buying something, you dont need to make it more expensive.
  • The fact I have yet to figure out what actually causes the events and what they actually do
  • I would also suggest making it more apparent when you can dash and when enemies are cycling through their conway cycles.

Overall a very promising and interesting game. The polish is astounding, the game loop is just the right amount of rewarding and difficult, and the graphics are great. Once this game comes out complete on steam, I'll be sure to purchase it. Just way too polished and clean to pass up. The demo itself is pretty much already a complete game, you just need some extra improvements and some more content and items. (A multiplayer mode for this game would most likely do WONDERS.)

Great job fluffy, very cool.

All of the things you mentioned were planned changes already for the full game. The HighLife event is caused randomly by the beacon. The event has more aggressive cellular automata rules similar to the actual HighLife rules. I'll probably figure out a way to convey the active automata ruleset in a way that's easier to understand.


While initially confused at the lack of fullscreen and the movement of the enemies (objects that are normally static are teleporting, without animation), I enjoyed the short gameloop and general polish, and had a pretty positive time.


The movement is the whole point of the game. It's based on Conway's Game of Life. Cells die and come to life without intercell movement.

I obviously understand, I'm just noting that it looks a little weird.

Really fun, but sometimes the centipedes can be really hard to hit, like when your up close to them.

The shotgun makes it easier.

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I like this one, although sometimes there can be too many enemies which is then impossible to deal with.

(Also works with wine out of the box)


Yep, I plan on changing up the game loop and refining the progression with the Steam version.

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Awesome!!! I love it. I still have not completed wave 4. I cannot wait for the devlogs.

I did find an issue though. When you get to close to an entity or chest and you shoot, it does not damage the entity.

very fun :D