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hi nice game but im on mac and when i run the source code it comes up with this error: 

ValueError: Requested OpenGL version 330, got version 0 

idk anything about open gl but how do i install latest?

No, you can't change it. There are extra window bind parameters you would need to run it on Mac (which you would have to mod the game for).


What a beautiful sprite! The music was well matched and immersive with a good atmosphere, very nice. It was a lot of fun to find the location of the map in a beautiful world!

I loved the background and the combination of colors. This game sort of reminds me of 'Growtopia' which I played a lot before.

Where can I get the LD page? I wanna rate it!


i cant run it, i got an unhandled exception, "cannot create the shader object ", "Failed to obtain/convert traceback!"

what version of OpenGL do you have?

idk and idk how to look for it tbh sorry

if it's below 3.3, the game isn't supposed to work

Really good game

Amazing art style as usual.

Nice game,

seems you can't jump while going up/down a slope


Sweet game! I like the graphics: the bloom, leaves, border, and such.

I was a little confused after delivering 3 items, I expected some kind of end screen but I was just left in the game. I later checked the image files and didn't find anything looking like an end screen. Is there an end state to the game, or is what I described intended?


Yeah, that's the end. I didn't have time to do a full ending. Finished with 3 mins left.

I understand.