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This game is so fuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn pls make part 2 or other game like this.

What does Thumbs.db do?

I love your all games so much.

I want to Learn pygame from you.

How much you want to pay you for teaching?

so many love and good luck

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Hey DaFluffyPotato i like your games a lot, if you can give me a Feedback about my game to improve myself like a Game Designer ill be so greatfull 

There is the link: 

Plz enjoy it and keep doing this beautifull games

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really liking it! I checked it out because I'm starting with Python and Pygame, and programming in general. A bit of constructive criticism (from an audio guy): the footstep sounds are really low and rumbly.  It looks like you combined the low, rumbly "ambience" file with your  "grass" footsteps. you could try using a different sample or put a high pass filter on it and your ambient sounds (100 Hz or greater). 

I found that you can exploit the controls and hold both left and right to wall jump

Also turn up or replace the music! It sounds like environment noise. Nice job, hope to learn a lot from your project

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I actually fixed about everything you mentioned in the update that I should be releasing today. Excluding the music that is.


EDIT: I ended up sleeping for most of today, so I doubt I'll get it done on time. >.>