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Simple, yet super fun!

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Bro this game is very fun 10/10


I modded all of the tiles to be the dababy convertible meme lol

this was wonderful to play. I think it could use some info on what the power ups do but honestly i just wanted to look at the art longer. But I kept dying! haha




it is sooooo COOL . i dream to be like you one day . who is your dafluffypotato (inspiration)  ? . also you have stopped making tutorials , please create a series like you created for platformer . we all learn from those . 



Yes, Please. We want to learn from you!!!

Awesome! Love the visuals and the inventive gameplay.

And thanks for including the source code so others can learn from you! :D What is the license? GPLv3 or another one? Can you indicate it in the source package and the game information on this page?

technically it’s all rights reserved, but you can use it as a reference

some of my games have very unrestrictive licenses (most notably, Aeroblaster).

Awesome! As always, the visuals were the best. The gameplay was somewhat similar to Tetris but it was really good! Keep it up!!!